The team
We are a team of enthusiasts always looking for innovative solutions.
We all have a long experience in scientific measurement which legitimizes and gives coherence to our action.
Our assets: a great listening capacity - a permanent adaptation to the needs of the customer - a great experience in the field of drones and the processing of terrestrial and aquatic spatial data.


Arnaud is always looking for innovative solutions.

After creating Latitude Drone in 2015, he embarked on the design of Bathydrone ®.

With an experience of more than 15 years in geology and geotechnics, Arnaud knows well the issues related to these fields.

Very attentive and anxious to satisfy you, he will be able to respond to your projects.

Olivier DUFAYT

Olivier is our handyman doctor.

He has been evolving for several years in the field of environmental and aquatic environment management. He directed various water resources management services. A great fan of model aircraft that led him to create Ixalp Drones.

He is always looking for new ideas to improve the ergonomics of the boat.

Caroline BRUNAND

Caroline is attached to human relations. She is committed to following customers by keeping an always pleasant and friendly link.
Also in charge of communication, she likes to be able to highlight the unique missions that Bathymétrie Drone carries out.